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Your mind. Your most powerful weapon. Learn with us how to use it for maximum results in all areas. More focus and energy, (financial) peace? A confident feeling? Business or sporting success? Your mind is capable of anything. 

You may only learn which knobs to turn. The time for change is NOW! 

Mindset and performance coaching through an approach that several top athletes, top entrepreneurs and high performers have achieved incredible results with. And still do 😉 

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Why can't I manage my Lifestyle Performance Health Company Relationships change permanently?

We make 95% of all our decisions in our lives automatically and unconsciously, using our (largely unconscious) beliefs as the basis. Replace limiting beliefs with empowering, positive beliefs. Then you will improve the quality of your thinking, behavior, communication, and thus your results. 

Say hello to progress!

At I Love Mindset, you will learn a safe, effective and fast way to directly influence your subconscious brain, allowing you to tackle every limiting belief and stress trigger that is currently sabotaging your desired life situation!

And that is unique! Where by far most coaches focus on the conscious part of your mind, you get a lot of insights into yourself and your impediment, but as explained above, insight is not enough. Otherwise you would have already been the person you want to be, and already achieved what you wanted to achieve right?

Get proven and science-based principles and tools for living with:

- more self-confidence and inner peace
- better relationships with the people you love
- more focus and success
- more happiness and fulfillment
- less stress 

Mindset coach of athletes, professional footballers and winning entrepreneurs

Scientifically measurable based method

Multi-purpose tools that will benefit you for the rest of your life

'' Our behavior stems from learned programs in the subconscious brain. Programs that largely drive our daily behavior.

So, anyone who wants to effectively bring about change, must make changes in these learned programs "

'' What a great method! Because of I Love Mindset and Remco Visscher I was back on the padel court in no time after a difficult period and I feel like working on my top sports goal again. This method would be a great addition to the whole society. I Love Mindset again super thanks. #BRAMOS ''

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Bram Meijer

6x Dutch champion Padel

'' It feels like a few brakes have been taken off me and I am now going through life much easier, more effective and successful! Where it normally takes you years to figure out and reprogram negative beliefs, I Love Mindset does it for you in minutes! ''

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Michael Brooijmans

Fin Tech Professional

'' Remco gives you insights and tools to move forward in your personal growth. He triggers me to think about issues that I personally get stuck with. After the coaching sessions, I feel more calm and motivated to achieve my goals."

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Claire South


Everyone is unique.

 But in essence, we all want the same thing: health, recognition, success, meaning. Yet somewhere it goes wrong.

but despite clear growth plans, opportunities in the market and opportunities in your path, you can't let things fly. But you don't know why. The solution is within yourself and your employees.

You know you have more up your sleeve. But you can't manage to break through your glass ceiling. Promotion seems far away, but it's not!

That negative voice in your head keeps getting the upper hand, even though it might work during training? Are you ready for peak performance when you have to? Rocket Mode ON!

but don't dare get on that (social media) soapbox and your story, your vision, your solution. What are people going to think of you? Soon you'll be criticized and they'll chop your head off.

Your mindset makes or breaks your life

Mindset is a set of beliefs that determines how you see something or someone. Based on these beliefs, your mind creates your reality.

  • Beliefs can help you
    For example, "I am allowed to be there." Through which you dare to take up space, be seen and heard, people value you, you have influence, and get things done on your terms.
  • Beliefs can also hinder you
    For example, "Who am I that I think I can build a multi-million dollar company?" Which makes you fail to recognize insane growth opportunities, or dare not take them confidently, subconsciously sabotage yourself, and thus fail to realize your business dreams.

Hey, Remco here.

Just a question, right? Do you run at Usain Bolt speed away from: 

The guru who has played out life and is now selling everyone his own one-size-fits-all approach? 

The spiri-wiri who says all you have to do is manifest and visualize?

Theater events with the usual suspects "rousing music," "live transformations on stage" and "Get into Pathway X now and get a 1,500 euro discount today only.

Good, because then I'll run with you. I can't do anything with that either. Because I am just a down-to-earth Veluwe boy from Harderwijk. Below you can read my story.



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Change your beliefs, change your life

At 23, I was sitting at home with a fat burnout. I felt like a complete loser because apparently I couldn't handle "normal life. What was then my biggest low, I was able to turn into my biggest passion: Mindset!

Over 8 years I have been working on this topic and I dare say out loud that your mindset makes or breaks your life. 

Showing you and, more importantly, letting you experience how to replace limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs is what I do as a mindset and performance coach. This is the key to profound and lasting behavior change. And those keys, I have them and I am happy to give them to you. 

The best of years of research, experience and scientific publications in one proven practical mindset method: tackle your unconscious limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering beliefs.

✅ Trusted year after year by the best national and international professionals in their field.

✅ Scientifically based and measurable effects.

✅ Brain theory, effective exercises, implement, grow, and repeat.

Choose your growth path

Online courses

Signing up takes 5 minutes.
So changing your life for good starts in 6 minutes. See you on the other side!

1-on-1 coaching

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Mindset and performance coach

Through training, experience and hundreds of hours of self-study of scientific publications and reading thick, dusty 😉 books by renowned scientists and Harvard professors, I developed, tested and proved an approach that has now helped 1000+ top athletes, top entrepreneurs and other high achievers. To achieve concrete goals such as business success, relaxed living, and performance on the sports field. But ultimately for greater happiness, recognition, fulfillment and meaning.


How it works.

The principles are simple, the results mindblowing:

- The professor who almost died, and as a result thought: I want to do things differently. And went through another fat transformation in the autumn of his life.

- The entrepreneur who wanted to grow his business, but had a lot of trouble asking higher prices. And now just asks and gets double!

- The top model who stood shining on the international catwalk, but was deeply unhappy with herself. And now looks at herself in the mirror with love, and is satisfied with herself.

Top entrepreneurs and top athletes for whom every choice makes the difference between winning and losing - trust me, see results, and renew the partnership year after year. If I delivered bullshit, I would have switched a long time ago.

Are you ready for big steps forward in your life? Then I would love to tell you how this can be done for you too!

'' Make sure your worst enemy doesn't live between your own two ears ''

There is only one moment to make a choice. Now.

Everything starts with a choice. Are you choosing change now?
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