What is I Love Mindset?

I Love Mindset offers a highly effective form of Mindset coaching that can help you release limiting subconscious beliefs and stress and access your full potential. With simple, scientific and easy-to-follow tools that create a Whole Brain Connection, the I Love Mindset tools enable you to access higher levels of consciousness and reprogram your subconscious mind.

What is a Whole Brain Connection?

The I Love Mindset tools consist of strategies that bring new beliefs or perceptions to your subconscious mind. It increases communication between both hemispheres of the brain, creating a whole brain connection, ideal for reprogramming your mind, reducing stress and increasing your mental potential.

When your brain is in a whole-brain connection, you can access the qualities of both hemispheres of the brain (logic and emotional) to overcome challenges, solve problems faster and achieve more.

Is there science behind I Love Mindset?

I Love Mindset has measurable scientific validation through Brain Mapping (qEEG), which clearly shows changes in the brain during the use of the tools. Also, a client survey of > 30 I Love Mindset participants and coachees shows an objective effectiveness rate of 96.6%.

How do people feel after applying the I Love Mindset Tools?

After an exercise, most people feel a sense of calmness, clarity, relaxation, relief and inner peace.

Why choose I Love Mindset?

I Love Mindset offers a quick, safe, measurable and effective method that produces better results than virtually any other intervention. While talk therapy can reinforce sabotaging beliefs, I Love Mindset allows you to switch to a winner's mindset and reprogram trauma without having to talk about it and relive it. Simply because it acts on a deeper, fundamental part of the brain. Unlike repeating affirmations, the I Love Mindset tools allow you to permanently reprogram a subconscious belief within minutes, making it a quick and effortless process.

Why reprogram your unconscious mind?

Neuroscience shows that you operate from your subconscious mind more than 95% of the day!

It stores every experience you have had in the form of beliefs, which influence your perception of yourself, life and the world. Because the subconscious mind operates below the level of your conscious mind, you may not be aware of limiting beliefs that get in the way of your success, happiness, health and enjoyment.

I Love Mindset changes subconscious beliefs to activate your full potential in creating the results you want.

What can I use I Love Mindset for?

I Love Mindset can help improve several areas of your life, including your self-image, self-confidence, relationships, performance, your financial situation, career success, health, spirituality, intuition and transformation. It can also release stress, phobias, fatigue, trauma, addictions and more.

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